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Like credit card debt and medical bills, paying your taxes — whether they are associated with your business or your home — can become difficult. Like debt collectors, the IRS is often unforgiving in its efforts to collect what it is owed.

In fact, the IRS has a number of remedies at its disposal to collect unpaid tax bills. For example, if you fall behind in your taxes, you could experience wage garnishment, making it even more difficult to pay off your debts. The IRS can even file levies or liens against you. By filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and in some cases, for businesses, Chapter 11, you may be able to work these debts into a repayment plan.

At Meredith Law Firm LLC, our South Carolina lawyers have years of experience assisting individuals seeking to get out from under debt, including tax debts. By listening to each of our clients and working to understand their individual financial needs, we are able to build strong bonds. These relationships begin with the first meeting and last until our clients have good financial footing. We are dedicated to obtaining the best outcome possible.

In addition, some unpaid taxes can be discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. For example, if your unpaid income tax debts are more than three years old and the IRS has no liens, these debts could be discharged in Chapter 7. Our law firm will closely review your finances and see what type of relief you are eligible for under the law.

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